Wednesday, August 27, 2008

280km detour to Monastary

We decided to cycle to a Monastary and leaving the main road. Welll a detour for 280km just 2 visit a monastary .... I know bikers are crazy but ...its about the journey and not the destination :)
We started in the morning, stopped at a supermarket and filled our bags with water, chocolate and all the other goodies you need on such a trip. We started cycling and after around 70km we saw a nice ger and decided to stop. The familiy invited us in tehir tent and we had again milk tea and fucking hard butter cake cookies which are discustingly salty. Out of politness we could not refuse them and continued chewing one of them while the others disappeared in our cloth. The familie wanted us to sleep in the ger but we refused the offer and went in our tent.
In the morning when we woke up ... we realize it was below 0 because we had ice on our tent. Unfortunatly it was still raining so not the nicest day to start a tour.
After a short stop for coffee we moved on and cycled another 40 km till the crossing to the Monastary.

Camel or what ?

A half russian/mongolian has a small restaurant their in his ger and we decided to stop because it was freaking cold. We had a soup and cycled the remainiung 35 km on rough road to the Monastary. The scenery is just amazing and suddenly a camel were standing in front of us :). We could not believe it and tookj a picture for the evidence before we continued cycling.
Finally the sun cxame out and after around 70km we saw the Monastary and were happy to find a "tourist" ger. We made fire inside and unpacked our wet tent and cloth to get it at least a bit try.

3 h Soup

After visiting the monastary we had our breakfast in the sun, before we decided to continue cycling back. The 35km back on rough road went easier then expected and once we reach the ger restaurant we decided to have another soup. The guy and some3 friends were there and so we started to chat and small talk and after we finished our soup we realized its already 3h later. We decided to continue cycling.

The party ger

After another 30km we stopped at a nice valley with some gers approached one of them and asked if we could pitch our tents. We were again invited inside and it was the 1st time that we had to drink airag (fermented milk) tastes like cider.
After that I had to try raw goat meat .... well .... its nothing I need to try again but for politness you do sometimes weired things. We enjoyed the blue sky in front of our tents before we went to sleep. The guys in the ger started their party now which continued until 5am in the morning. We woke up at 8, had our coffee and started to pack our things, when the drunkards started to approach us with vodka and milk tea. We both took a sip of the vodka but could convince them we have to cycle on and could not get drunk with them.

Butter milk Ice

We cycled on and after some stops fro lunch and coffee we reached fianlly teh main road again direction to Ulan Bataar. We decided to cycle on for some more kilometers. After around 15km we found another small village and decided to buy some beers for the night. We also bought ice and Erika was laughing her ass off, when I told her my ice tastes like the butter milk cookies we hate so much. It seems like the rosines in the ice was a kind of an award that i ate another centimeter away. I can not understand how somebody can produce an ice like that :P We then continued cycling for another 10 km before we pitched our tents on a slope, enjoyed our beer and enjoyed the sky.

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