Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Darkhan (Mongolia)

outdoor bikingWe woke up with a sunny day. It seems like the sky is eating the rest of the landscape. Mongolia is sky ...amazing sky.

On our way to Darkhan we had to stop several times and get our breath ... not from cycling but from the scenery We stopped by a bow and arrow workshop ... where we met a 13 year old girl who talked with us in german. :)
She wants to study in germany. After visiting the shop we continued and cycled along only us and nature and once in a while a car.
We had to stop severall times to let sheeps pass our way and the shephards are always good for a nice picture.
This country is a bikers or better a nature lovers dream
Tomorrow we are planning to make a 240km detour (not in one day) to visit a monastery. I know how crazy must someone be to make a detour of 240km by bike ....but its the journey not the destination :)

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