Sunday, September 7, 2008

Chinese Visa and Mugging

(Day 27-30)

Well, mixed news for friday till Monday. On Friday we asked for ythe Chinese Visa and they told us we can pick it up on Monday. We decided to stay here over the weekend. We visited the temple her and bought some souvenirs.
Saturday evening I will not forget so fast :( I got classically mugged in a private car whichg wiorks as taxis here. Two guys, 1 knife and all I had was gone ...and I had quite a lot cards, camera , gps , cellphone and money.
Sunday was the day of organizing then...block all cards report at police and so on. Today on Monday morning we got our Chinese visa and tomorrow we continue our trip and getting out of the city.
The next 3 days we head to a national park north east of Ulan Baatar and then we continue heading south :)

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