Wednesday, August 20, 2008


outdoor bikingI took the night train and arrived in the morning at 6 am in Moscow. When I wanted to get into the train the train attendant wanted to tell me that I can not bring the bike ... at least thats what I understood :). I had a compartment for 4 and no place at all for the bike. Though I put the bike onto my bed and slept beside it. My Russian co-compartment friends where laughing and for sure thought what a crazy guy:)


I am impressed of Moscow it is a nice and clean city with a lot of atmosphere. Especially around the Kremlin and the red square a lot of party is going on. Russian ladies are really a nice eye catcher ...all with their high heels and legs till the head ... Seems like they are all 2 meters tall.
In the evening I met Natalia, a Russian girl - I met here via a travel web page. We went out with 2 Turks, another Russian and an Irish girl and the night ended at 5am in the morning.
Saturday Natalia helped me to purchase my ticket and ...its impressive if you speak Russian it takes only 10min hahaha - Thanks Natalia.
After that I tried to find a internet cafe - seems to be a nice one, voted the best internet cafe in .... but I will never know how it looks like, coz after 1 hour searching, i gave up.
Its Sunday 11am ... i am here at the train station now and waiting for my train to Ulan Ude, its a bit further than Irkusk.

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