Sunday, September 28, 2008

Zamyn Uud - Beijing

1 - 5 Oct
Zamyn Uud - Beijing
We were packing our bikes, when a Mongolian approached us with beer. We told him, that we don't drink in the morning coz we want to cycle to China. He started laughing and told us the border is closed for 3 days because of Chinese Holiday. ...and he was right. So, we had a 9am beer with this guy and the rest of the day we tried to figure out, how and when we would be able to cross the border.
Finally we could hop on to a train the following day ( a tourist train going to Beijing. But we were only allowed to ride to Erlian, the chinese border town. The ride is only 10 km but wegot stuck in the train for 7hours. That is how long the procedure takes the chines to adjust the train gauge width and to proceed the documents. We reached Erlina, China at 1 am in the morning, had something to eat and checked into a hotel. The next day we took a mini van to Beijing.

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