Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gobi Desert - Part III

19. Sep.The highlight regarding scenery was waiting fro us today. We started after our breakfast and had to fight with serous road conditions ... deep sand, wash board road and sun ... .
Even if the Gobi was an open steppe the last days .... it was even more open today. Not one mountain or hill could be seen on the horizon and we just saw sky sky sky and nothing else.
It seems like i am repeating myself ... but that is how it was .... It is hard to describe if you see nothing the whole day but sky and steppe and you feel you are part of it. I have never experienced that and I am just overwhelmed.
After 65 km we reached Bayanjargalan. We stopped again at a supermarket and bought what we need for the next day. Then we looked for a restaurant ... but there was none.
We found somebody who cooked for us some mutton dumplings ... after that we went out of town and pitched our tent.

20. Sep.
Rush hour
We started in the morning our way to Ondorshil. It seems this morning we started to early and came into the rush hour. We saw 2 trucks and a motor bike in the 1st 1 1/2h ... quite busy in the desert.
After passing by a workers ger camp where we had a stop , we continued on smooth road and were happy to almost have cycled 40km at around 1 pm.

Dog bite
We saw a ger and decided to stop. The dog welcomed us nicely .... like most of the dogs here ... was waving with his tail ... and an old couple came out of the ger. We asked if we could have some shelter from the sun and sit eside their ger to have a break. They were smiling and agreed. So I parked my bike and made some steps towards the ger .... it seems that the dog of the house saw it as an attack ... coz 2 sec later we was already at my ancle ... luckily the old lady reacted fast and got him and kept him away from me.
But one tooth found its way into my flesh ....
It seems like the old couple felt gilty, coz after that incident they offered us a lot of freshly made yoghurt.

Where the f... is Ondorshil From here we started cycling again on a serious road. Deep sand and washboard ... made our trip a hell o of an easy cycling day. We just wanted to reach Ondorshil ...but after every hill ...we saw the next one coming ... but its wasn't OndorsHIL
We were totally done for the day and finally saw a motor bike ... the guy told us 5 more km to go ... and it seems it was the longest 5 km in my live.
Finally we reached Ondorshil, bought again food in the supermarket and looked for a place to pitch our tent.
It was already dark when we pitched our tent ... totally done for today.

Road conditions
The way from Ih Gazaryn Chuluu to Bayanjargalan is quite hard. Expect the rough road to be like a wash board ... and if not than it is deep sand. The 1st 35km are more up than down ... than more down than up.
From Bayanjargalan to Ondorshil
1st 40km are easy cycling ... than deep sand and wash board till the end.

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