Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sainshand (Mongolia)

24 Sep
Chill out day We are so tired from biking, that we decided to have 2 rest days here. Today we didn't do anything except eating, drinking and Internet ...and of course washing our cloth.

25 Sep
Important day The 25 in Mongolia is a important day. You should always keep that day in mind while travelling here. Today we went to the kharmaryn khiid monastery. This was the nicest monastery we have visited here. No tourists, really familiar and in a perfect setting in the desert. We rented a cap anhd had a great driver who showed us around. Once back, we ordered some food and beer BUT today is the day .... the 25 of every month there is no beer available in whole Mongolia. - good to know :)

Road conditions to the monastery. It is around 50 km south of Sainshand. All flat, rough road, mostly wash board ... with very nice scenery. There is also a hotel at the monastery to stay overnight.

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