Monday, August 25, 2008


Mongolia did not welcome me nicely. Not because of the people but the weather. It was raining. When I crossed the border the Mongolian guy in charge seemed to be bored.l He asked me into his place and asked me questions about the German Olympic team. The he told me a Swiss girl crossed the border one hour ahead of me.After crossing the border I cycled 25 km to Suekbatar, the border town of Mongolia. The first impression was just amazing only me the steps and nothing else for 20km ...Once in a while a truck and the road is paved, better then expected.In Suekbatar I made a stop to eat something and met Erika the Swiss girl. She is cycling for more than 4 month now and has covered more then 5000km.
After our lunch we continued cycling together and were both amazed from the countryside. We met a Czech motorbike driver who covered 8000 km in 16 days ....but by bike you experience it better :)
At around 6pm we decided to look for a campsite. Then we saw a ger and decided to go there and ask if we could pitch our tents.
We were asked in and got offered some tea. Then we pitched our tents before we had to go back in and talk with the guys ...not so easy if you don't speak Mongolian. At around 9 we went in our tents and realized it is fucking cold in Mongolia at night.
I fell asleep and still could not imagine what has happened. What a great country.

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