Monday, September 1, 2008

on the road

Sun stroke or dehydration

After our coffee in the morning we started cycling again. A 15km uphill was waiting for us .... smooth but uphill ... after around 40 km we reach another village were we had our lunch. After refilling our stocks we continued cycling.
Now the next uphill was waiting was around 20 km and at aroiund 3pm, when the sun is really stong ... we were supposed to cycle 100km today because we wanted to reach Ulan Baatar tomorrow, but when I reached the top of the climb - Erika was already waiting - I realized something is wrong. I didn't feel well and we decided to pitch our tent and rest for today.
We made a bonfire and went to sleep.

Flies, flies , flies

The flies here can be really annoying specially when you climb up uphill with around 7km/h ... they don't have anything better to do then fly into your ears eyes and nose holes .... good that we were biking and sitting on our butts ...who knows what would have happend if not :)

The flying cat

We woke up and started cycling again ...another 20 km uphill was waiting for us. We found a place were we could have a cold coke and had our lunch before we continued cycling. The scenery is like every day just amazing great landscape with once in a while a ger some sheep, hores or cow herds and thats it ...ahhh on top of all blue sky .... just awesome .... We reached another village, were a fiesta were celebrated ...young boys are horse racing and wrestling is a big event here and it is nice to watch at.
We cycled 10 km out of the village and pitched our tents again beside a ger. The mother of the ger was preparing us tea and food and while we were sitting in front of our tent we were watching at the ger ...were once in a while thing were thrown out by the boys living there. The last thing that flew out looked like a slipper and it toumbled 3 or 4 times before it lay still we realized it was the kitten of the house ... after not moving for 15 min .... the kitten slowly started to alk around again ... hard live for a cat :)

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