Saturday, August 16, 2008

St. Petersburg

In the morning at 9 after the passport control i left the boat. The 15 km into the city center would have been easy if I would speak Russian or at least if I could read Cyrillic letters. I asked my way around and maybe every 10th Russian I asked speaks at least a little English. I found my way to the city center and took some pictures of the St. Isaac Cathedral and my bike. After checking in (fuck its expensive here) I met a Norwegian guy and we had some beers and talked about my trip. He did the trans Siberian railway last year and could give me quite some good information. St. Petersburg is a very nice city and i am impressed about the friendliness of the Russians. My hardest time here was to get a train ticket to Moscow, because nobody speaks English at the train station. After 2 days and all in all 5h waiting on different counters I finally got it :)

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