Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ulan Baatar

We had head wind for the first 40 km ...but the knowledge that a shower, a bed and some good food is waiting for us after 8 days out in the wild kept us going.
After around 30km we bumped into 3 germans on the bike. They are already on the road for 14 month and on their way back now. We got some useful informations about the Gobis Desert - which is still on our list - before we continued cyling direction Ulan Bataar. Then we made it ...the last climb and a 10 km downhill (with headwind) brought us down to the main road.
The last 19km was rolling into Ulan Bataar ... we saw a group of crazy brits who drove their 5 minis all the way from England to here :)
On the road we passed a weigh and weight our bikes .... My bike including me weights 132 kg ....that means 61 without me .... Erikas bike was the same ... that means if you add the 5-7 kg of water which we normally carry with us ... our bikes including bags is around 67/68 kg.
The guy of the weigh ... didn't want to have money and besides that he went into a close by store and bought us a bottle of water for our trip .... Mongolia is just amazing.

Ulan Bataar

What a horrible city .... anyway, nobody comes to Mongolia to see its capital but this is just horrible looks sureal if you have cycled 700km though nature, steppe, open fields and once in a while an animal, a person or a ger ... and then you see this
It looks like all buildings are in planning and not even one buildings seems to be finished at all.
We checked into our "Oasis" guesthouse, rented a ger, had a nice shower, a good lasagne ... and a couple of beers before we fell asleep.

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