Friday, September 5, 2008

Visa Day (Day 25/26)

Lining up and hoping

We were lining up in the morning at the Chinese embassy and luckily got in as last ones 5 min before they closed. There we heard that we are still lacking documents for our visa. I still need a ticket into China and Erika needs almost everything (ticket out, hotel and statement of account). Well, we left the place tried to organize some things via the internet and finally went to buy the train tickets into China.
Booth was closed ... but luckily we still found a place to get the tickets. ... At least one thing done for the day.

Lucky day

Today (Thr, 04 Sep) was our lucky day. We got the extension for Mongolia (two more weeks) in 2 hours, bought a road atlas for Mongolia (which will help us in the Gobi desert), burned some CDs and bought some Mongolian music ... and all in one day ... that calls for a beer :) ... and tomorrow is our China day ...hopefully we have all the documents ... otherwise we might stuck here for some more days ... and unfortunatly the city doesn't get nicer :(

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