Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cojr (Mongolia)

We continued from the National Park to Cojr. The whole trip is around 212 km all on nicely paved road but that's it. we are entering the Gobi Desert and don't expect anything on the road. From Cojr to the Chinese boarder there will be no more paved road at all.

The alcoholic or the men ger?

We cycled down south ... and the views and the horizon is getting more and more open. No more animal, no more herd no more people ...just we and the road and once in a while a greeting truck driver.
We had to climb a lot even so smoothly but expected it more downhill.
When it got dark we found a ger and decided to stop. The dogs where really aggressive and the guy seemed to be drunk. He offered us airag (fermented horse milk) we drank a bit but he wanted to drink with us.
We didn't felt comfortable and decided to move on. Luckily 1 km away we found another ger where we pitched our tents. There were 4 guys and one woman. They brought us the best yogurt (made of goat milk) we ever ate and some cookies and for sure tea.
Then we were chating in front of our tents for around 2 hours before we went to sleep.

The retirement ger

The next day we cycled another 94 km. 94 km nothing .... I never had that feeling of enjoying only the sky ...and a bit of grass ... coz that was it what we saw. On the whole 94km we passed 1 small town a settlement and a supermarket. Nothing else no animals, no people nothing.
The road was also weird... you thought you are on the top and when you reached it the next small hill was waiting was a smooth climbing and all with headwind.
We pitched our tent at another ger ... with a lady with 81 years ... quite old for Mongolia and that living conditions.
We enjoyed the sunset, while the guy was bringing back his sheep via his horse and couldn't believe this is true. The sunsets and sunrises are just so amazing is incredible.

The bombed town

We had another 80 km to Cojr and started around 9. After 20 km we reached finally the top and the rest was all downhill. Same story, nothing on the road ... but sky.
We were focusing on Bayantal, a small village 25km before Cojr. We wanted to have our break there. When we reached it we were shocked. It looks like a bombed city ...with empty houses trash every where and no people ... so also no supermarket. We stopped on the road made some noodles and continued our ride.
Finally we reached Cojr ... well, also not nice but at least we found a hotel, a hot shower (after 7 days :)) good food, beer and an internet cafe .... so what else ....?
Ahhh by the way .... today I reached km 1000 .... in total i have now 1024.

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