Saturday, September 13, 2008

Gobi Desert - Part I

15. Sep.
We started in the morning, after stocking up on food , water and chocolate bars and a great breakfast (Goulash) to cycle into the Desert .... from now on all on rough road.
The scenery was just awesome ...seeing nothing but open sky. We saw the whole trip of 56km 2 motor bikes, 2 gers and nothing else. It is really unbelievable and without GPS you are definitly lost. Our aim was to reach Hongor, a small town (at least it was mentioned in the map ... but at around 5.30pm we got tired and wanted to enjoy the sun going down. We decided to pitch our tent.

Spagetti coffee We made some water for the coffee and prepared some food. That was the moment when Erika and me got our first fight hahaha. Somehow she didn't like the fact, that my cookset was still with some leftover from our spagetti sauce the day before ... and she could not get used to the coffee which tasted a bit like spagetti.

The horse fire
After that incident I had to do something good and promised Erika a fire. We had not enough wood but there was a lot of dried horse shit we burned this and close the whole horse living cycle ... we rode on it, ate it and burned its shit .... :)
Enjoing the full moon abd dreaming of the scenery we had today we went into our tents and fel asleep.

16. Sep.
Abandoned towns After our coffee in the morning we started cycling. We expected Hongor, a small town after around 10km but we didn't find it. We just saw some abandoned houses. (Later we would find out, that all "small" dots on the map are only abandoned houses. Maybe somebody lives there in winter.
Luckily we didn't plan on that small towns and still had enough water and food ... otherwise you are lost ...

Respect nature Once you are sitting on the bike and crossing the desert, you realize how huge it is and what a hopeless small creature you are in that scenery. It scares you sometimes ...coz you don't see or hear anything ... you just realize ... you check your GPS and hpe you have still enough bateries ... you check your water if it is still there ... and you are very happy if you have food in your bags ... don't ess with nature .. respect it :)

Fata Morgana We had a break some soup and coffee and continued cycling .. this day we didn't see any human beeing .... just some horses ... that's it. We got tired and realized that we are now cycling 90km in the nothing without seeing anything ... Finally after the next climb ..... Govi Ugtaal ... a small town appeared. We stopped at the supermarket and bought coke and chocolate bars and ate it outside sitting next to our bikes. 5min later the whole town was around. Everybody wanted to see that crazy cyclists and could not believe somebody is coming here by bike.
We had lunch and went back to the supermarket to stock up more food. The supermarket was crowded .. i guess like never before ... We gave sweets to the kids.

EEEEEEEEEErikaSometimes it is good to have a dificult name. We got invited by a familie and went to their ger. They offered us food and tea and the man was prode to show us all his stones, skeletons of a marmot, pictures and so on ... and he always wanted to have attention he couldn't say my name ...but he could say EEEEEEEEErika hahaha. I had my beer and slowly got tired of all that attention he wanted. We just wanted to rest after the cycling.
Finally they showed us their ger outside the vilage, where we pitched out tent. The boy stood with us in the ger ... we where already sleeping when the man arrived again at around midnight and an EEEEEEEEEEErika ....woke us up. He was drunk and wanted to party with us ...but we could convince him it is better to go to sleep.

Road conditionsThe way from Cojr to Govi Ugtaal is around 96km on rough but good rolling - more up than down -road (don't expect the Govi be to flat) . The scenery is amazing ... and once in a while you might see some animals ... but don't expect to see a lot of people.

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