Monday, September 15, 2008

Gobi Desert - Part II

17. Sep.
Ih Gaazaryn Chuluu was one of the reasons we went into the Gobi. The stone formations are just awesome. You feel like cycling on the moon ... the open desert around it makes it to an amazing location.
We started in the morning and where looking for Ajirhay, another small town on the map 15 km away from Govi Ugtaal. But once again we only saw some abandoned houses, that's when we realized it must be like that ... all small towns on the map are not a destination to expect some stock up on food. Anyway, we made our break here, to have some shelter from the wind and prepared our soup and coffee. Starting again cycling from here ...seeing the stone formations on the horizon .... was an amazing ride. Some horses, some sheep ad 1 motor bike ... beside that steppe and amazing views to the stone formations.
At the stone formations is a tourist ger camp, where we rented us a ger and enjoyed the food. The sun set behind the stone formation made us speechles. (Thanks to Erika ... maybe I was to nice to her the whole trip ... coz she started to clean my bike ... and I did nothing from stopping her hehehe)

18. Sep.
Sleeping in the stonesWe packed our things and brought some wood (nope we didn' steel, just borrowed it ) and went into the stone formations. We hided our stuff in the stones and started cycling around. Once again, without the GPS we would have been lost ...
After stopping at the ger camp again and had some food we went back into the stones and pitched our tents ... made some bonfire ... and enjoyed the scenery .... AMAZING !!!!!

Road conditions The way from Govi Ugtaal to Ih Gazaryn Chuluu is around 50km on rough but good rolling - more up than down -road. The scenery is amazing ... and once in a while you might see some animals ... but don't expect to see a lot of people.

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